How To Marry A Hong Kong-Born In Austria, Part 1: The Birth Certificate

Planning a wedding is stressful, exhausting and annoying. It eats up too much of our my precious free time, and I have to think of too many things at once. Many wedding checklists online make all the work a little easier for me, but still, it still somewhat annoys me that I have to do all the planning although I did not want to have a wedding party in the first place. Mr. Panda and I talked a lot about it these days, and finally, after hours of arguing, we reached an almost fair compromise. We will have a medium sized 50 to 60 people wedding party, but I can decide on the theme. So wedding planning finally got serious! (more…)

Why do they say a wedding is about the bride only?

He has done it. He has finally done it. Mr. Panda took me out to a fancy birthday dinner in the middle of December, and took me to a Christmas market to drink a cup of mulled wine. And afterwards, as Beyoncé already sang it some years ago, he finally put a ring on me. An expensive one on top. At least he listened to me and got a small, inconspicuous one.

But now as it is time to plan the wedding, it looks like none of my wishes and ideas matter anymore. Everyone, Mr. Panda up front, expects a big wedding reception, expects me to plan it, and it looks like I am the only one who is not really happy about it at all. (more…)

Survival Guide To Living Together With Your Chinese In-Laws For A Long Time

I never intended to fill my blog with content about Mr. Panda’s parents’ quirks. But the more I think about what to write about, the more I realize how well functioning our relationship is, and that most of the things which drove me crazy so many times in the past seven years were about his parents. I try to avoid the topic, but it haunts me all the time. At last, just as Timo from Crazy Chinese Family suggested, I will finally complete my third part of my “Living together with my Chinese almost-in-laws Trilogy”. (more…)

Countdown to Christmas

I love the smell of hot spiced wine, Christmas baking, kitschy Christmas decorations, tons of snow and snowball fights. While I transform into a seasonal alcohol addict over Christmas who sees cookies as a staple food, I am usually too lazy to decorate our apartment. Therefore I reduce them to their essentials, like for example a super small Christmas tree with only few ornaments and no other decoration at all. I tend to stick with the really important things, cookies and hot spiced wine. (more…)

Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award Nomination

Winter Blues has hit me really hard this year. My lovely grandma died, I broke my pinky toe and my root-treated tooth is killing me. Last two things resulted in a permanent sport abstinence which is currently driving me crazy. I have no motivation to do anything at all, and have been thinking about my current life a lot these weeks. All the more I am happy and grateful for Eleni from Greek meets Taiwan for nominating me, giving me a few questions to answer to distract me from my current misery. Thank you so much for thinking of me. 🙂 (more…)


我上週到日拜訪一位好友時順道逛了橫濱的中國城。因為我真的很興奮可以吃到中國式點心,便上街去尋找港式甜點。最後,來到一間位於一條窄巷的小店。那裏櫥窗展示了一些樣品。我踏入店裡面。正當我拿包子準備結帳時,與年約40多歲、來自香港的老闆娘的對話便開始了。我始終抱持著開放的態度來回答她的問題,但是她卻不斷地用各種對於歐洲與中國人的偏見來反問我。以下條列幾點是關於我們用日語談話五分鐘的大意: (more…)

Dear research journal!

Sorry for neglecting you the last two weeks. Due to difficulties to fall asleep every night one week straight, I am too exhausted to fully contribute myself to you and my studies. Nonetheless, due to my sleepless nights, I was able to shift my field of research to a more practical one. I used the nocturnal hours I have been sleep driven waiting in bed to conduct a (participant) observation, and took field notes on a panda sleeping next to me in bed along the way. Due to time constraints I will summarize the most important events of the last seven nights. (more…)

15 East Asian actors in Hollywood who deserve a main role

Mr. Panda and I love to watch movies and TV series. We watch almost anything, as long as it is entertaining. These days, we watched RED 2, where almost illegally handsome Byun-hun Lee played a professional killer. After being districted by his six pack, I only realized once again, that he was only the side kick, while his acting talent was far good enough for a main role. (more…)