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I am Betty and I am spending my life with a Hong Konger in Vienna, Austria. Both of us are in our late 20s and are spending our life happily together since 2008. I somehow ended up living together with his parents and him for almost 5 years – and most stories here happened while I was living with them. While reading my stories I kindly ask you to remember that I dearly love my husband as well as my Chinese parents in law and that I was the gweilo (foreigner) who they kindly allowed to live with them. 🙂

What is ‘AMWF’?
Some people say we are in a so-called AMWF relationship. AMWF is the shortcut for ‘Asian Male Western Female’ and names an allegedly rare form of relationship where a Western girl actually dates an Asian guy. Or an Asian guy actually dates a Western girl? Well, the community actually cannot make up their minds why this form of relationship is so rare – but for us, it is the normal daily cultural chaos.

Why I call him Panda?

Drawing was a present by Zofia Garden. Thank you!

Mr. Panda is really cute when he is grumpy, and because of his black hair and black framed glasses I am calling him “Mister cuddly Panda bear”.

Up until now, I never really much about our relationship, I thought that everything that happened – every fight we had – was just about us, like any other random couple out there. But looking back, one or the other story originated from cultural differences and upbringing in diverse environments. I would love to tell all the funny, frustrating, interesting and strange stories that happened over the year from my own perspective and share my feelings.

When I started our relationship I had almost no knowledge about Chinese culture, so I had many experiences which could be labeled as ‘culture shock’, but all the stories happened as told, and maybe some of my stories might sound exaggerated. The least I want to do is to intensify stereotypes or support racism, and it is not my intention to insult someone. So when you read my stories, please do not take them too serious but laugh instead – about the foreigner that is having the best time of her life.