Older kitties are apparently not as alert as younger ones are. As years went by, mean kitty let her guard down around Mr. Panda. This is clearly evidenced by Mr. Panda being finally allowed to touch her.

When a Panda pets a Kitty

When mean kitty became older, her eye-sight became quite bad and she had troubles to recognize people when she was not attentive. So when she was alseep, anybody could approach her if the person just was silent and calm enough. So once in a while, Mr. Panda petted her – and he really liked it because she was so fluffy. It only lasted a few moments when kitty found out that nobody other than him could be behind her, gently petting her. It only lasted for a few moments, but according to Mr. Panda, it was worth the adrenalin rush.

I want to send a big ‘Thank you!’ to my friend Biene who so accurately illustrated a short story of Panda and Cat once again.

I would really love to hear other kitty stories! So even if the stories do not involve any Asians or other pets, please feel free to tell me.

When a Panda pets a Kitty
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