Who would have thought that the well-behaved kitty which never jumped on the table when I or my parents were near would actually be such a busybody? Normally she would not bother us while eating, she would just sit next to us and look at us with her big, for food begging eyes. She new she would get something if she just sat next to us quietly. 

Panda&Cat Chapter 3

There is this one pizza delivery services back in my hometown which makes awesomely delicious pizza. So once in a while we order us two for lunch time. We were just about to start eating, when I remembered to  get us something to drink. The moment I left the room, she forgot all her manners, jumped on the table and on the pizza box and claimed it for herself. Once again, Panda was too scared to flip her down the table and had to flee from her. She still got a small piece of  pizza afterwards – maybe not the best way to correct her. Oops!

When a Cat mocks a Panda
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2 thoughts on “When a Cat mocks a Panda

  • August 26, 2015 at 23:33

    Haha, this was funny. Nice artwork too! I really liked the way the kitty was drawn like. 😀

    Also, your cat has an interesting personality, haha!

    • August 26, 2015 at 23:39

      Thank you, my friend will be glad to hear that you like her drawing. She is still insecure and needs praise from other talented people, not only from me who can only draw a matchstick man. 😀 She already finished a new comic which I will post on Friday, please check it out too.
      Please check out her other comics on my blog too. I hope you like them, and I want the whole world to know how crazy my spoilt little princess kitty was… well let’s say ‘special’, not crazy haha. 😀


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