When we started dating, I brought my cute little kitty cat into our relationship. I got her when I was still in primary school and we grew up together like sisters. I was madly in love with her as well as she was in love with me. Unfortunately she was not so happy when I started to date my Panda. She never got warm with guys to begin with, but my Panda capped it all off. For my cat it was hate from the bottom of her heart at first sight. The moment they met was not as magical as I wished for it to be, and until she died in December 2012, many traumatic incidents happened between both of them. But I will write about these two wranglers later on.


The moment they met was accurately pictured by my friend Biene. Thank you so much. If you like her comic, please check out her blog.


Did you also bring a ‘stepchild’ into your relationship? Did it work out?

When a Cat hates a Panda
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