Seasons in Austria are completely different than in Hong Kong. While the weather in Hong Kong is hot and humid almost all year long, freezing cold Austrian winters already start in November and last as long as March. Although houses here in Austria are well isolated, it can get pretty cold inside when temperatures undercut the freezing point. So actually, at least the rooms you spend most of your time in are heated a little bit during the cold season. Actually…

When we spent our first winter together back in 2008, it hit me really hard, or rather cold. On an icy winter evening in November I turned on the apartment’s self-contained central heating, which can only heat the whole apartment. I just wanted to warm the bed room to 18 to 20 degrees (64-68°F) so I would not freeze to death while being asleep at night. Soon after I switched it on, my Chinese dad and mom, wrapped in a thick winter jacket stood, complained about my useless waste of money. And that I should not turn on the central heating anymore if only I wanted my bedroom to be warm.

While I was still surprised why they were dressed for sub-zero temperatures (32°F and below) inside, they started to explain that I should just wear my winter jacket, additionally to my thick pullover and woolen socks, if I still felt cold and not waste money on heating. Also I should not switch on the central heating anymore, they would do it if really necessary.

Frostbitten and sad as I was after that, they got me an electric heater for our room. But the electricity to operate it probably costed double as much as to heat the whole apartment…

Why you should get a cozy winter coat you really like
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  • July 16, 2015 at 15:34

    First, I’d like to say it’s a pleasure to encounter your blog. I do hope you continue I write. Please don’t take their very automatic response to heart. Even in the US, maybe chinese/HK/Taiwanese peers I grew up with will always know the joke “is your house always cold too?” The older generation never use the heating! The same parents who would do absolutely everything for their (even grown) children: cook every meal, clean, never make the children wash a dish….will also refuse to heat entire home. So wasteful! 🙂 I say this all in good humor.

    • July 16, 2015 at 16:33

      Thank you for reading my blog, and I am so glad to hear that you like it. I would love it if you would read my future posts too.
      And yes, it is so true! Here we say that you can’t change old people’s habits. They grew up without heating back in China, I think that is why I was not allowed to use the central heating. But they are very kind people and they always help me. That is probably why I got my own heater. At very could night I put it close to my bed and cuddled with it until I fell asleep.

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