My ‘Chinese’ Life in Awesome Charts: Why did You Marry a Hong Konger?

2016 was an exciting year for me. I finally graduated from one of my masters at university, I finally married the love of my life and I finally started a new exciting job at a prestigious company. Starting to work at a new, unfamiliar place always comes hand in hand with getting to know many new people which are curious about a non-Asian girl with an obvious Asian name. (more…)

What exactly does ‘AMWF’ mean? What exactly defines an ‘AMWF’ relationship? When becomes a relationship ‘AMWF’?

In summer 2015, I learned that the relationship I have been in for years is commonly characterized as a so-called ‘AMWF’ relationship online. On the very same day I found a big community consisting of blogs with Western females sharing their experiences with their East-Asian partners, boyfriends, husbands and their families. They turned out to live all around the world, in North America, Europe and even more turned out to be expats living in East Asia.

Many of them use the ‘AMWF’ tag to be found online easier by like-minded people. ‘AMWF’ is the short form for ‘Asian Male and a Western Female’ and is used to describe a love relationship consisting of – yes – an Asian guy and a Western girl. But what exactly does ‘AMWF’ describe? (more…)

Random Questions from our Guests about our Austrian-Hong Kong Wedding

I have already read about them on other blogs beforehand. About those wedding party guests who ask strange questions about your wedding and make unreasonable demands. Those people, who seem like they want to drive you crazy. Those who look like they really put in a lot of effort to turn you into a ‘bridezilla’ even though you already worked so hard so far not to be one.

Up until now I have cried many times already, as I did not want to have a wedding party in the first place. I really try to make the whole planning period as stressless as possible for me, but still, people make a stab at (unintentionally) driving me nuts. (more…)

365 days of I LOVE YOU – ‘Post Love to the Future’ with a postcard @ The Peak in Hong Kong

I love to write postcards. I write tons of postcards wherever I travel. I annoy my friends and family with postcards, and even send one to Mr. Panda although we travel together and I know he will not even read it. Now, thanks to a clever marketing agency I can even send postcards from the future – at Victoria Peak in Hong Kong! (more…)

Celebrating Easter with a Hong Konger in Carinthia, Southern Austria

Happy Easter everyone! Last weekend we drove to my parents’ just like every year to celebrate the last few days of Easter together with them. I love Easter, probably more than Christmas, but Mr. Panda only started to ‘celebrate’ Easter when we started to date. He not celebrating it was actually predictable, but so I was actually able to teach him all the customs and traditions I grew up with. Yay! (more…)

Cats Planet 喵星球 貓咪主題樂園 – How to recharge your Kitty Cat Battery at a Cat Cafe in Hong Kong

I love cats, and as we do not own cats, I sometimes need to recharge my kitty cat battery with stranger cats. For that particular occasion, cat cafes come in handy for me. Often ordering at least one drink or some food is mandatory for your stay, but sometimes, I do not want to consume anything. I just want to have some space to play with cats. For that reason, Cats Planet in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong was really convenient for me. (more…)

玫瑰燈海園• 香港站 Light Rose Garden – Making Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong even more romantic

I have to admit I am one of these women who tell their partner that they do not care about Valentine’s Day at all and that they do not want to get any presents – and then I am super upset when I do not get anything at all. Combined with Mr. Panda, who is as romantic as a sandwich, we sure make the perfect pair for an awful Valentine’s Day.  (more…)

Austrian-Hong Kong Spring Inspired Easter Egg Decoration

I have always colored eggs with my mom around Easter when I was little, and I was also forced to blow out and paint some eggs in kindergarten every year. After all the resentfulness finally faded away last year, I decided to revive this particular childhood memory of mine and tried to decorate a few blown out eggs for Easter. Of course my interests changed over the last 20 years as well as my manual skills. I got interested in East Asian cultures and got better at handicraft work. The result of both changes were colorful Easter eggs with Chinese characters on them. (more…)

My first Chinese New Year Party and a ‘Happy Chinese New Year from the Panda’ coloring picture for all of you

This year 2016, I and Mr. Panda are already celebrating our eighth Chinese New Year together. We started with the year of the ox in 2009, and we will start over with all the Zodiac signs once again in a few years. Before 2009, I did not even know a separate Chinese New Year next to my Western New Year existed. Worldly innocent mountain girl me only found out about Persian New Year even later on. As an otaku who is crazy about a fan who likes Japanese culture, I was at least aware of the Zodiac signs, but still I was felt confident that they changed every year as the years changed in Japan. Little did I know that there was a different calendar system in a country new the Land of the Rising Sun. Little did I know that I would soon be blessed with two entirely different New Year celebrations every year. (more…)

That one time my Chinese father-in-law almost died

When I grew up, I heard a lot of horrendous stories about mischievous, deceitful mothers-in-law, which make their children-in-laws’ life a living hell. I am lucky that I got a lovably, but sometimes most of the time crazy Chinese mother-in-law. The only time, she shows her ‘dark side’ is when she needles Chinese father-in-law into fully grown fights where sparks fly. Chinese father-in-law definitely knows how to fight back, although he is a rather quiet guy most of the time. But most of all, Chinese father-in-law is stubborn. (more…)